Lesson 5: Trees

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How are people dependent on plants?

Facts and Definitions

  • Evergreen trees do not change colors in the fall and winter.
  • Deciduous trees are trees that lose all their leaves for part of the year.


  • Identify and describe the life cycle of living things. (S)
  • Observe and measure how the quantities and qualities of nutrients, light, and water in the environment affect plant growth. (S)
  • Observe and describe how environmental conditions determine how plants survive and grow in a particular environment. (S)


  • colored pencils or crayons
  • construction paper (kit)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • tracing paper (kit)


Tell your child that today he is going to learn about trees. Ask him what he knows about trees and how people are dependent on trees.