Lesson 2: Vowel Teams Review

Day 5

Activity 5.1: Word Scramble

Ask your child to place the lowercase letter cards in ABC order so that she can see all of them. Then, say the letters in the groups shown in the following list (one group at a time). Your child will select those letters and use them to make long vowel words. Explain that she must use all of the selected letters and that she can only use each letter only once.

Encourage her to use what she knows about long vowel spellings to make words. Say, "If you know you have to make a long vowel sound, how can you use the letters provided to do that?" If she struggles with a word, you can provide hints by giving the first letter or two or by giving a clue about the word's meaning.
  1. a k e l f (flake)
  2. c b e u (cube)
  3. k c e h e (cheek)
  4. s b a t e (beast, beats, or baste)
  5. g i h t l (light)
  6. o s w n (snow, owns, or sown)
  7. y t a s (stay)
  8. r i v d e (drive)
  9. l a t i r (trail)
  10. i t e (tie)
  11. a t o f l (float)
  12. h e c w (chew)

Activity 5.2: Reader #2 — A Thump on a Cold Night

Your child will read A Thump on a Cold Night on her own before reading it aloud to you. As needed, explain to her any terms that may be unfamiliar to her, such as "doe" (a female deer) or "broth" (liquid used to make soup). Encourage her to take her time and point to each word as she reads it. Use the sounding-out tips from Lesson 1 to help your child sound out words she isn't sure how to pronounce. When she finishes reading the story to you, ask the following questions:
  • Who does the doe meet on the trail? (a bear)
  • What do the animals eat at the feast? (soup and fruit; she may also mention pie)
  • What causes the noise the animals hear? (a frog jumping from a log)
  • Do you like snow? Why or why not?

Learning Gates

Have your child take the Learning Gates quiz for this day.