Lesson 2: Vowel Teams Review

Day 4

Activity 4.1: Long u Spellings

Write "tube" and "mule" on the laminated writing sheet, and ask your child to read each word slowly. Explain to her that long u has two sounds: /yu/ as in "mule" and /oo/ as in "tube." Tell your child that the silent e is one way to spell these long u sounds. Now write "stew," "clue," "fruit," and "you" on the laminated sheet. Tell her that these words also contain the long u sound, and ask her to read them. Ask her which letters are making the long u sound in each word. She should identify ew, ue, ui, and ou.

Your child will complete the "Long u Spellings" pages by first reading the words provided on the first page. Explain word meanings as needed. Next, she will cut the words out and will place them in the correct columns depending on the spelling of the long u sound in each word. Once she's placed each word in a column, check her work and help her correct any mistakes. When the words are placed correctly, she will glue them to the page. (Assist with cutting and pasting as needed.)

After your child has completed this activity, pose the following questions:
  • "In what ways can the long u sound be spelled?" (with ou, ui, ew, ue, or silent e).
  • Where do the spellings ou and ui appear in words? (in the middle)
  • Where do the spellings ew and ue usually appear in words? (at the end)
  • Which of these words has the /yu/ sound of long u that is found in "mule"? (huge, cute, few)
  • What does long u sound like in the other words? (/oo/ as in "flew")
Your child should place the words in the columns as follows:
  • (u-e): huge, cute, flute, chute, rude
  • (ou): soup, group, wound
  • (ui): fruit, suit
  • (ew): few, chew, crew, grew, flew
  • (ue): blue, glue, true, dues
Place the page in the Word Collection folder or binder.
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page

Activity 4.2: Fill in the Blanks

Your child will fill in the blanks to spell the words pictured on the "Fill in the Blanks" pages. She should use each vowel team shown in the box at the top of the first page only once. To review the sounds that the teams make, ask her what vowel sound each one makes:
  • ai, ay (long a)
  • ee, ea (long e)
  • igh, ie (long i)
  • ow, oe (long o)
You may want to confirm first that she understands what word each picture depicts. Explain any words that she may be unfamiliar with. Encourage her to complete the words she feels sure of first and to cross off each vowel team as she uses it.

Once she's spelled all of the words, ask her to read them aloud.

Answer Key:

  • soup, soap
  • pie, beach
  • sail, light, crow
  • fruit, teeth, hay
  • toe, glue, dew
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page

Learning Gates

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