Lesson 2: Vowel Teams Review

Day 3

Activity 3.1: Long e Spellings

Give your child highlighters or colored pencils in three different colors. Your child will complete the "Long e Word Search" page by first reading the words provided at the top of the page. Tell her that all of these words contain the long e sound. After she has read them aloud, ask her to identify the ways long e is spelled in these words. Your child should find that this page shows three different ways to spell long e: with silent e, ee, ea.

Next, she will highlight or shade the words in different colors based on their long e spellings. For example, all words that have the long e sound spelled ee will be highlighted/shaded in the same color. Another color will be used for words in which the long e sound is spelled using ea, and a third color for words with silent e.

Have her begin by highlighting or shading one word for each long e spelling, making sure to use a different color for each spelling. Then, she will highlight/shade the other words based on these first ones.

After your child has read the words at the top of the page and has identified the long e spelling in each, she will find the words hidden in the word search at the bottom of the page and will highlight or circle each word in the color that corresponds to its long e spelling (as noted at the top of the page). The words can be found going left to right or top to bottom.
"Long E Word Search" Answer Key
Student Activity Page

Activity 3.2: Long o Spellings

Write the following words on the laminated writing sheet:
globe, show, coat, foe
Have your child read the words, helping her sound them out as needed. Ask her, "What do all of these words have in common?" While she may say that they all have only one syllable or are short in length, the important thing for your child to see is that all of the words have the long o sound. Ask, "What are the different long o spellings?" (with ow, oa, oe, silent e)

Give your child the "Long o Spellings" page. Ask her to read aloud the words in each column. Tell her that you will read some words to her and that for each word she should first point to the column that the word belongs in. If the column is not correct, ask her to try again. If she needs to, she can use the lowercase letter cards and oa, oe, and ow word building cards as needed to help her build the words. Then ask her to write the word in that column. When she is done, help her correct any misspellings.
Call out these words in random order:
  • oa: roam, goat, coast
  • ow: own, grow, low
  • oe: toe, woe, doe
  • o_e: hole, doze, hope
Student Activity Page

Activity 3.3: Sight Words

Provide time for your child to read all of the sight word cards from this lesson and Lesson 1. Ask your child the following questions:
  • Which of these words has a long i sound? (while)
  • Which of these words has a long a sound? (place)
As needed, also continue reviewing the Age 5-7 sight words from the Introduction to this lesson.