Lesson 1: Word Families and Long Vowel Review

Day 2

Activity 2.1: More Short Vowel Families

Tell your child that today he is going to work with more short vowel sounds. Give him the lowercase letter cards, and ask him to spell the following words:
hot, mop, log, job
Now, he will complete the "Short Vowel Families #2" pages by circling or coloring in the words in each circle that belong in the same word family as the word in the center of the circle. Some of these words contain digraphs and blends. Assist him as needed with any words he needs help reading.

Your child should circle or color the following words in each circle:
  1. fin, spin, bin, skin
  2. stop, cop, mop, chop, pop
  3. jog, frog, log, hog
  4. spit, bit, sit, split, fit
  5. dig, fig, big, wig, sprig
  6. rot, cot, shot, spot, trot
Once your child has finished these pages, check his work, and ask, "What vowel sounds did you work with in this activity?" (the short i and short o sounds) Help him place these pages in the Word Collection folder or binder.

Activity 2.2: Sight Words

This year, your child will learn and practice over 50 more sight words. He may already know some of them, while others will be new to him. Each lesson will contain suggested activities for the sight words of that lesson and previous ones. You can also use these activities to practice sight words from the Age 5-7 level that your child still needs to review as well as custom sight words you add to the collection. For example, if your child struggles to read, pronounce, or spell a particular word, you can write the word on an index card and include it with sight word review.

Now, introduce (or review) this week's sight words using these sight word cards: "along" and "while." Point to and read each word aloud. Then point to each word, and ask your child to read it. Finally, your child will turn the cards face down, mix them up, and then read them again as he turns them over.

As needed, also continuing reviewing the Age 5-7 sight words from the Introduction to this lesson.

Learning Gates

Have your child take the Learning Gates quiz for this day.