Lesson 3: Electricity

Day 2

Activity 3: Electricity to Your Home

Research the source of electricity for your home.
  • Is your electricity generated by windmills? Is it hydroelectric power? Is it generated in a nuclear plant?
  • What about your hot water? How is it heated?
  • How does your stove heat your food?
Find information that will help you learn more about your local power plant. This will prepare you for your field trip.
Help your child locate information about the local power plant.

Activity 4: Power Plant Field Trip

Materials: markers, poster board
Work with your parent to find a way to schedule a visit to your local power plant. Take notes about how the energy is generated and how it gets to your home from the plant. When you return from your field trip, design a poster that illustrates how the energy is generated and how it moves from the plant to your home. Explain the process to your family.
Take your child to visit your local power plant. When he returns from his tour, he will create a poster that describes how the power plant produces energy and how the energy reaches your home.

If a field trip to a power plant is not feasible, your child can instead use a virtual field trip, such as one of the ones provided in the following web link.
Web Link