Lesson 3: Electricity

Wrapping Up


What did you learn about electricity in your community? Review the different types of power plants and how they harness energy (p. 21-24). Is your community doing anything to offer alternative sources of electricity?

Questions to Discuss

  • What are the ways energy is generated for use in homes and businesses? Explain how each one works. (Fossil fuels are heated and burned to produce steam that turns the blades of the turbine. Hydropower uses flowing water to spin the blades of the turbine. Nuclear power boils water, and the pressure from the steam turns the turbine. Wind power uses wind mills to spin the shaft of the generator.)
  • How are fossil fuels formed? (Heat and pressure beneath the surface of the earth turns the buried remains of plants and animals into fossil fuels.)
  • How are people dependent on energy? What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy? (Nonrenewable energy cannot be replaced; renewable energy resources are continually being produced.)

Things to Review

Review the fact that batteries store energy that can be used by items for motion or light. Power plants provide the energy used in our homes. Find time for your child to share what he learned on his field trip with the rest of the family.