Lesson 3: Water and Its Distribution

Wrapping Up


Go back and review pages 116-117.

Things to Review

  • Fresh water is a very small percentage of the world's hydrosphere.
  • Water reservoirs serve significant purposes on the Earth; not all reservoirs are the same with regards to location and function.
  • Groundwater is located anywhere that there is a permeable and impermeable layer.
  • Aquifers are storage areas for water.
  • The presence of aquifers plays a significant role in the life of an area.

Special Notes

Ideas to Discuss with Your Child
As an addition to the day's activities, look up "Sandhogs of New York City" on the Internet. The "sandhogs" play an important role in the life and activities of New York City. Talk with your child about the importance of the sandhogs in the development of New York and relate this to what he has studied about groundwater and water reservoirs.
Here are some good websites to consider:
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Web Link