Lesson 7: Oxygen Production and Life

Wrapping Up


Review the equations that you worked with and consider the importance of each component and the importance of both photosynthesis and respiration for all life. Imagine what would happen if the the Sun didn't rise in the morning or plants couldn't absorb oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. Would the energy-storing molecule glucose or the structural molecule cellulose even exist? How long would organisms that depend on the by-products of photosynthesis and respiration (oxygen) continue to exist?

Consider the importance of both photosynthesis, which produces glucose and cellulose, and oxygen and how important water is for this process. Consider the by-product of cellular respiration, oxygen, and how important and necessary it is for all living organisms — without oxygen, they cannot respire (break down energy molecules) and will not have the energy necessary for survival. As you review the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, keep in mind that every part of the process is important for all living organisms. If one process or even one part of it is removed — whether it is oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, or sunlight — organisms cannot survive.

Things to Review

  • Photosynthesis is the primary source of atmospheric oxygen.
  • Cellular respiration occurs in all living organisms.
  • Cellular respiration requires oxygen.
  • Interruption of the process of photosynthesis will have a major impact on the photosynthesizing organism and its immediate environment.