Lesson 7: Inventors

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How do citizens influence or change the community?
  • How do members of a community help meet other members' needs?
  • What roles do community members play?
  • How do communities change over time?

Facts and Definitions

  • An invention is something someone creates that is new.


  • Identify the roles of leaders in the home and community (SS)
  • Recognize the importance of technological design (S)
  • Describe changes in a community (SS)
  • Recognize how citizens in a community are affected by change (SS)
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of texts: biographies (LA)
  • Elaborate on how information and events relate to life experience (LA)
  • Compose a variety of written products using a writing process (LA)


  • book on famous inventor your child might enjoy learning about
  • colored pencils or markers


Ask your child if she knows what an invention is. Explain to her that an invention is something that someone creates that is new. Give some examples of famous inventions like the light bulb, television, and computer. Explain that inventions make our lives easier. Many inventors change whole communities because of their inventions. For example, the invention of the air conditioner made people much cooler in their homes during the hot summer. This changed communities all over America. People didn't have to go outside during the hot summer or leave their windows open at night. Discuss examples of other inventions that caused communities to change over time.