Lesson 6: Daily Life in Egypt

Wrapping Up


The daily lives of Egyptian people varied based on their status and the kinds of work that they did, but all Egyptians were dependent on the Nile River and the natural resources that it provided. To what extent are you dependent on the natural resources in your immediate area today? What kinds of changes have allowed people to live in areas less rich in natural resources than the Nile valley?

Questions to Discuss

  • What kind of job do you think you would want to have if you lived in ancient Egypt? Why?
  • Why was the Nile important to ancient Egyptians? (It provided food, water, natural resources, and a means of transportation.)
  • What is the most interesting thing you have learned about ancient Egypt from this unit so far?

Things to Review

Review your child's activity pages from this lesson — "The Nile" and "Life and Work in Ancient Egypt."