Lesson 5: Egyptian Religion and Myths

Wrapping Up


As you learned in this lesson, the kings of ancient Egypt held a great deal of power and were thought to represent the gods on Earth. Religion infused much of Egyptian life — rulers had massive tombs and temples built, priests carefully performed religious rituals each day, embalmers prepared bodies for the afterlife, and everyday Egyptians worshiped the gods. In the next lesson, you'll learn more about ordinary Egyptians.

Questions to Discuss

  • After reading about some of the many gods that Egyptians worshipped, why do you think Akhenaten's attempt to have people worship only one god failed? (Answers may vary, but your child may mention that each village had its own guardian god or that people may have had a favorite god that they worshipped.)
  • What did you think about the Egyptian myths? Did they remind you of any other stories you have read?
  • How do ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife differ from our own?

Things to Review

  • Review your child's activity page about the Egyptian gods.
  • Review your child's timeline.
  • Enjoy your child's retelling of an Egyptian myth.
  • Review your child's "Egyptian Afterlife" page for accuracy.