Lesson 5: Egyptian Religion and Myths


Activity 1: The Gods of Ancient Egypt

Materials: colored pencils*
The ancient Egyptians worshipped a large variety of gods and goddesses, who were often portrayed as being part human, part animal. Each town also had its own special god or goddess that was the guardian of that town. At the following web links, you can view images and descriptions of some of the most well-known Egyptian gods and goddesses. Choose the 4 that you find most interesting, and then complete the "Gods of Ancient Egypt" page. You can either draw a picture of the god or describe how the god was portrayed.
Web Link
Web Link
Web Link
Student Activity Page
Your child will explore 4 Egyptian gods or goddesses that he finds most interesting and record information about them on an activity page. He can either draw a picture of the god or describe how the god was portrayed. Web links are provided to help with this activity.

Activity 2: Ancient Egypt Timeline

Materials: Ancient Civilization Timeline Cards, scissors, tape, glue stick, or glue, World History Timeline
For this lesson, you will need to cut out the following green timeline cards and add them to your timeline binder:
  • Reign of Tuthmosis III (1490-1436 BC)
  • Reign of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten (1364-1347 BC)
  • Reign of Tutankhamun (1347-1337 BC)
  • Reign of Ramses III (1186-1155 BC)
  • Reign of Ramses IX (1129-1111 BC)
  • Libyan Ruler Shoshenq I Comes to Power (945 BC)
  • Psamtek Becomes King (664 BC)
For each card, note the date on the card, find the page that includes that date in your binder, and then use tape, glue stick, or glue to attach the card above or below the line in the appropriate place.
For this lesson, your child will cut out seven green timeline cards and add them to his binder. The dates on the cards should correspond to the dates on the timeline pages where your child has affixed each card.