Lesson 6: Rounding to Thousandths

Wrapping Up


Now that you've reviewed and practiced rounding whole numbers and decimals numbers, what do you think is the most difficult step in rounding? What's the most important thing to keep in mind as you round numbers? During the next lesson, you'll begin looking at a way to think about and represent REALLY big numbers.

Questions to Discuss

  • What are the steps in rounding both whole numbers and decimal numbers? (answers will vary; refer to the answer key in Activity 1 for details)
  • What does it mean to round to the nearest whole number? Can you give an example? (it means rounding to the ones place; answers will vary)
  • Write 426.728 on a piece of paper, and ask your child to round it to the following places:
    Tenths (426.7)
    Nearest whole number (427)
    Hundredths (426.73)
    Greatest place (400)

Things to Review

Review the steps for rounding numbers

Learning Gates

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