Lesson 6: Rounding to Thousandths


Activity 1: Rounding Numbers

Materials: Interactive Notebook
As you work with rounding decimal numbers, keep in mind that the process is the same for whole numbers and decimals numbers. Watch the following video to review these steps. While the video discusses rounding decimals to the ten-thousandths place, you'll only be rounding numbers as far as the thousandths place. Be sure to pay close attention to what it means to round to the "nearest whole number."

After you've watched the video, fill in the "Rounding Numbers" sheet. You can re-watch and pause the video as needed. When you are done with the sheet, you can place it in your Interactive Notebook for future reference.
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Student Activity Page
Next, use the Rounding Numbers Calculator at the following web link to check your answers at the bottom of the "Rounding Numbers" activity page. Enter the numbers and places in the boxes provided and then click on "Calculate" to check your answer. Correct any wrong answers.
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In this activity, your child watched a video about rounding numbers, including rounding decimal numbers. Then she practiced rounding numbers to different places. The answer key provides the correct responses for the top half of the page; for the bottom of the page, your child checked her work with an online tool. She should store this page in her Interactive Notebook for future reference.

Answer Key:

  • Look at the digit to the right of the target number. If the number is 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, the target number stays the same. This is called rounding down. If the number is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, the target number goes up by 1. This is called rounding up.
  • If the target number is 9 and needs to be rounded up, the target number changes to 0, and the digit to the left will increase by 1.
  • If the directions say, "Round to the nearest whole number," you should round to the ones place.
  • If the directions say, "Round to the greatest place," you should round to the highest place value showing.

Activity 2: Quiz

Before taking the quiz, watch the music video at the following web link. It reviews rounding decimals.
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Next, you will complete the "Unit 1 Quiz 2" page. Use scratch paper as needed. Give the page to a parent to check when you have finished.
Student Activity Page
Once your child completes the "Unit 1, Quiz 2" page, check her answers. Allow her to correct any mistakes and encourage her to rewatch the videos from this lesson as needed.
"Unit 1, Quiz 2" Answer Key, Part 1

Answer Key (Part 2):

  • The following are true:
    1.320 = 1.32
    12.155 > 12.105
    0.568 < 0.658
  • Round the following numbers to the given places.
    4.539, tenths place (4.5)
    5,624.99, thousands place (6,000)
    3.852, hundredths place (3.85)
    215.138, hundredths place (215.14)
    43.158, the nearest whole number (43)