Lesson 4: Decimals to Thousandths

Wrapping Up


Thousandths are very small numbers. During the next lesson, you'll apply your understanding of decimals and decimal place value to comparing decimals to the thousandths.

Questions to Discuss

  • Ask your child to write the following numbers in decimal form as you read them aloud:
    Four hundred sixty-nine thousandths (0.469)
    One and eighty-seven hundredths (1.87)
  • Now, ask her to write each of the numbers in expanded notation using fractions.
    (4 × 1/10) + (6 × 1/100) + (9 × 1/1,000)
    (1 × 1) + (8 × 1/10) + (7 × 1/100)

Things to Review

Review that there are different ways to represent decimals (number form, word form, fraction form, expanded form using fractions or decimals, expanded notation using fractions or decimals, base-10 grids, and money)
Review that decimal places get smaller as you move to the right

Learning Gates

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