Lesson 1: Numbers to 1,000,000 Review

Wrapping Up


During this lesson, you reviewed how place value works up to the millions place. Next, you'll apply your understanding of place value to comparing and ordering big numbers.

Questions to Discuss

  • Ask your child to write the following number as you read it aloud: 6,301,431 (six million three hundred one thousand four hundred thirty-one). Be sure that he places the commas in the correct places. Then, pose the following questions:
  • What values does the digit 3 have in this number? (three hundred thousand, thirty)
  • What values does the digit 1 have in this number? (one thousand, one)
  • What is the value of 6? (six million)

Things to Review

Review forms for writing numbers: number form, word form, expanded form, expanded notation/super expanded form
Review the ones to the millions places
Review the terms prime, composite, multiple, factor

Learning Gates

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