Lesson 3: The Thousands Places

Day 2

Activity 3: Hundred Thousands

Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), laminated place value chart (kit), number cards (kit), whiteboard (kit)
Give your child the whiteboard and dry-erase markers, and tell him to write the following numbers as you dictate them. Remind him to draw the commas where they belong.
  • twenty-four thousand six hundred eighty-three (24,683)
  • sixty-two thousand three hundred four (62,304)
  • fifty-five thousand four hundred twenty-seven (55,427)
Next, show your child the laminated place value mat. As you say each place (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands), ask your child to point to it on the mat. Repeat this process, saying the places out of order.

Now, write 453,628 in the spaces on the laminated place value mat, and read it aloud for your child as you point to the digits: "four hundred fifty-three thousand six hundred twenty-eight." Repeat with 267,890, and ask your child to read the number aloud. (two hundred sixty-seven thousand eight hundred ninety) Erase the mat.
If your child would benefit from more practice with how to write (and say) five- and six-digit numbers in word form, provide time for him to work with the tool at the following web link.
Web Link
Now, give your child the laminated place value mat, dry-erase markers, number cards 1-9, and the "Hundred Thousands" sheet. Tell him to follow the instructions on the sheet.

As your child works on the final two questions, if needed, remind him that our number system is based on the number 10 and that each place is ten times bigger than the place to the right of it (for example, the tens place is 10 times bigger than the ones place and the hundreds place is 10 times bigger than the tens place).
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Activity 4: Thousands Cross Number

Materials: Interactive Notebook
Your child will complete the "Thousands Cross Number" sheet by using the clues to write the numbers in standard number form where they belong in the puzzle. When he finishes this sheet, he should store it in his Interactive Notebook for use later during this unit.
"Thousands Cross Number" Answer Key
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