Lesson 6: Rounding Big Numbers

Wrapping Up


Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), whiteboard (kit)
To review creating, writing, comparing, and rounding numbers to the millions, ask your child to carefully read the instructions and then complete the "Working With Big Numbers" sheet. As she works, check your child's work for this lesson. Look for patterns in items that she missed, and go over them with her, providing time for her to correct her mistakes.

Answer Key:

  1. Write a seven-digit number that has 3 in the hundred thousands place. (answers will vary; an example is 1,300,000)
  2. Write a different seven-digit number that has 7 in the ten thousands place. (answers will vary; an example is 1,070,000)
    Round this number to the nearest hundred thousand. (the number should be rounded up; for example, 1,070,000 is rounded to 1,100,000)
  3. Which list shows the numbers ordered from least to greatest? (b. 999,900; 1,889,882; 2,673,598; 2,673,600)
  4. a. Circle the greatest number (7,784,653)
    b. Draw a star next to the smallest number (7,224,198)
  5. Circle which number shows 3,654,232 rounded to the nearest hundred thousand. (c. 3,700,000)
Student Activity Page

Learning Gates

Have your child take the Learning Gates quiz for this lesson.