Lesson 4: One Million

Wrapping Up


Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), whiteboard (kit)
Give your child the "Safe Crackers" activity page and ask him to follow the directions on it.

Answer Key:

  1. 4,299,016
  2. 607,532
  3. 1,088,926
  4. 543,109
  5. 9,751,460
Student Activity Page
Next, give your child the whiteboard and a dry-erase marker, and tell her to write the following numbers as you dictate them:
  • one million four hundred sixty-three thousand eight hundred seventy-two (1,463,872)
  • three million one hundred thirteen thousand seventy-nine (3,113,079)
  • two million six hundred sixty-five thousand three (2,665,003)
Now, pose the following questions as your child looks at the numbers she's written. As she answers each question, ask her to explain her thinking:
  • Which number is the greatest? (3,113,079)
  • Which number is the smallest? (1,463,872)
  • Which number has a 1 in the ten thousands place? (3,113,079)
  • Which number has a 6 in the hundred thousands place? (2,665,003)
  • Which number is even? (1,463,872)

Learning Gates

Have your child take the Learning Gates quiz for this lesson.