Lesson 4: One Million


Activity 1: What Makes a Million?

Materials: colored pencils, Interactive Notebook, scissors, stapler
Your child will use the "What Makes a Million?" sheets to create a flipbook for her Interactive Notebook. She should cut out each section along the dotted lines and line up the top of each rectangle as shown in the following illustration. Once the sections are in the correct order and neatly stacked, she can staple them together at the top.
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Reading and Questions
Materials: How Much Is a Million? by David M. Schwartz
Have your child read How Much Is a Million? by David M. Schwartz and then answer the questions. This book helps introduce the concept of very large numbers, but your child will not work with numbers past the millions place in this unit.
  1. How high would 1 million children reach standing on one another's shoulders?
    higher than airplanes can fly
  2. About how long would it take you to count to 1,000,000?
    23 days
  3. Can you think of anything that might be close to a million?
    Answers will vary
  4. How many zeros are in a million?