Lesson 2: Reviewing Rounding to 10 and 100

Wrapping Up


Give your child the "Rounding to 10 and 100" sheet, and tell her to follow the instructions provided. While your child works on this sheet, check her work for this lesson. Look for patterns in items that she missed, and go over them with her, providing time for her to correct her mistakes.
"Rounding to 10 and 100" Answer Key (top section)

Answer Key (bottom section)

  1. Maria received 242 pieces of candy when she went trick-or-treating. About how many pieces of candy did Maria get? Round to the nearest 10. (240)
  2. Jasmine has $128. About how much money does she have? Round to the nearest 10. ($130)
  3. Which number shows 542 rounded to the nearest hundred? (c. 500)
  4. Which number shows 434 rounded to the nearest ten? (b. 430)
  5. Challenge question: If you round this number to the nearest ten, you get the same answer as rounding it to the nearest hundred. Which number is it?" (a. 497)
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Learning Gates

Have your child take the Learning Gates quiz for this lesson.