Lesson 1: Numbers to 10,000 Review


Activity 1: Practicing Place Value and Numbers in Different Forms

Your child will now use a random number generator to complete the "Working With Random Numbers" sheet. He should enter 5,000 as the lower limit and 9,999 as the upper limit and then click "enter" to generate a number. He can click "enter" again to generate a new number as he works. He will answer the questions provided using the generated numbers. Tell him to read each question carefully as there are different questions for each number. His answers will vary depending on the numbers generated by the random number generator.
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Here is a sample number; your child's answers will vary.
Now, provide time for your child to play the game at the following web link.
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Activity 2: Building Numbers to 10,000

Materials: deck of playing cards (kit)
Give your child a deck of playing cards and the "Building Numbers to 10,000" sheet, and tell him to read and follow the instructions provided on the sheet.

As he works with the first four digits, if your child begins to make a four-digit number with a zero (jack) in the thousands place, ask, "How many thousands are in this number?" (0) Explain that while a zero is an important "place holder" in between number places (for example, in the number 5,209), we don't place a zero in the place on the far left (the largest place) if there's not another digit in a larger number place to the left. If needed, write 046 on the whiteboard, and say, "We don't write 46 with a zero in the hundreds place because there are no hundreds in 46." Also, write 5,209 on the whiteboard, and say, "Without the zero holding the tens place, we would think this number is five hundred twenty-nine rather than five thousand two hundred nine."

Using the 2, 5, 9, and jack cards, your child should be able to make the following four-digit numbers:
  • 9,520, 9,502, 9,250, 9,205, 9,052, 9,025
  • 5,920, 5,902, 5,290, 5,209, 5,092, 5,029
  • 2,950, 2,905, 2,590, 2,509, 2,095, 2,059
The numbers your child writes on the back of the sheet will depend on the digits he draws from the deck of cards. If he does not draw a jack (0), he should be able to create 24 different numbers. If he does draw a jack (0), he should make only 18 numbers.
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