Lesson 1: The Very First Americans

Day 2

Activity 4: Tribes within the Regions

On the "Tribes within the Region" page, your child will find a list of some of the more popular tribes within the different regions. Ask your child to circle the name of any tribes he has heard of before. Then, let him tell you what he knows about the Native Americans in each region. He can list one fact about each region on the chart. Next, encourage him to label the names of the tribes in the regions on the map from Activity 3.
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Activity 5: Types of Homes

Materials: The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose, markers, crayons, or colored pencils
On the page called "Types of Homes," your child will illustrate the types of homes of the different groups of Native Amercians and list the materials used to build each home. Encourage him to use the illustrations in the book The Very First Americans as a guide for his drawings. He can also color the drawings so that they look authentic.
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Activity 6: Local Tribes

For this activity, help your child locate information on Native American tribes that lived in your region. Help your child locate information online or in books about local tribes. Identify your state's region on the map from Activity 3. Let your child record information he learns on the "Local Indian Tribes" page. He can illustrate and label his answers in the box.

To extend this activity, take your child to visit a local museum where he can learn more about local tribes. If possible, arrange a time for him to meet with someone who is a descendant of one of the local tribes or knows information about the tribe.
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