Lesson 2: Naming Fractions

Day 2

Activity 2: Colorful Circles

Materials: colored pencils
Your child will complete the "Colorful Circles" sheet by coloring the circles as directed and then writing fractions based on the circles.
"Colorful Circles" Answer Key

Activity 3: Basic Skills Review

Your child will complete the "Basic Skills Review #15" sheet. Give her scratch paper to use as needed.

Answer Key:
  1. Sharon had 10 bags of donuts. Each bag had 6 donuts. Thomas ate 5 of the donuts. How many does Sharon have now? (10×6=60, 60−5=55 donuts)
  2. Now, Sharon wants to share her remaining donuts equally with 9 friends. How many donuts can she give to each of her friends, and how many will she have left over? (55÷9=6 donuts for each friend, 1 left over)
  3. Karl needs to practice his multiplication facts for 25 minutes. If he starts at 11:45, what time will he be finished? (12:10)
  4. Mrs. Moneybags has 15 coins in her purse that total $1.26. Which coins does she have in her purse? (1 quarter, 7 dimes, 6 nickels, 1 penny — other coin combinations may be possible)
  5. Mrs. Rose wants to fertilize her flower garden. Her flower garden is a square with sides of 6 feet. The bag of fertilizer covers an area of 25 sq. ft. Does Mrs. Rose have enough fertilizer? YES or NO (no)
  6. 6391−4487=1904)
  7. 4×b=320. What is b? (80)
  8. a×30=270. What is a? (9)