Lesson 5: Multiplication and the Abacus

Day 2

Activity 3: More Practice With the Abacus

Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), laminated multiplication strategies mat (kit), set of double-nine dominoes (kit)
Once again, give your child the laminated multiplication strategies mat, a dry-erase marker, and the double-nine dominoes (remove any dominoes with blanks or a side showing 7, 8, or 9). Tell him that he's going to repeat the activity from the previous lesson but that this time he's going to check the products using the abacus. For example, if he draws a domino that shows a 6 and a 3, he will fill in the spaces on the mat to model either 6×3 or 3×6, determine the product and write in the space provided, and then check his answer using the abacus. Tell him to repeat this process six times.

Activity 4: Basic Skills Review

Your child will complete the "Basic Skills Review #3" sheet. As needed, allow him to use scratch paper or refer to his Interactive Notebook.
"Basic Skills Review #3" Answer Key
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