Lesson 4: Repeated Addition and Number Lines

Day 2

Activity 3: Number Lines and Multiplication

Give your child the "Number Lines and Multiplication" sheets. She should read the information provided to answer the questions. Note that answers will vary for #5.
"Number Lines and Multiplication" Answer Key

Activity 4: Using All of the Strategies!

Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), laminated multiplication strategies mat (kit), set of double-nine dominoes (kit)
Write 4×3 in the space provided on the laminated multiplication strategies mat. Give your child a dry-erase marker, and tell her to fill in each space on the mat to model the given multiplication sentence. She should show the following:
  • 4 by 3 or 3 by 4 array
  • 4 groups with 3 in each one
  • 3+3+3+3
  • a number line showing 4 jumps with 3 spaces each
  • a product of 12 in the multiplication sentence at the top
Now, give your child a set of double-nine dominoes with all of the dominoes showing a blank (zero) removed as well as dominoes showing 7, 8, or 9 on either side. Tell her to place the dominoes face down and shuffle them. She will draw one domino at a time and use the numbers showing to create a multiplication sentence to be solved. She will then write it on the laminated multiplication strategies mat. For example, if she draws a domino showing 2 and 5, she can either write 2×5 or 5×2 in the space on the mat. She will model the sentence in each of the ways shown on the mat: drawing an array, showing equal groups, writing a repeated addition sentence, and using the number line.

Check her work as she goes, and ask her to repeat this process five more times.