Lesson 4: Repeated Addition and Number Lines

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • What are some strategies we can use to multiply and divide?

Facts and Definitions

  • A number line can be used to help solve a multiplication sentence — the first number tells the number of jumps from 0, and the second number tells how many spaces in each jump.


  • Interpret products of whole numbers (for example, interpret 5×7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each).
  • Use repeated addition and number lines to model multiplication.


  • fine point dry-erase markers (kit)
  • laminated multiplication strategies mat (kit)
  • set of double-nine dominoes (kit)
  • whiteboard (kit)


Materials: fine point dry-erase markers (kit), whiteboard (kit)
Ask your child to share what she knows about using arrays and equal groups to multiply. If she chooses, allow her to draw on the whiteboard to explain her thinking. She should be able to describe an array and explain what it means for objects to be in equal groups.

Now, provide time for her to re-watch part of the video at the following web link, starting at 3:45 and going to the end. This section of the video discusses using repeated addition and number lines to multiply.
Web Link