Lesson 2: What Is Multiplication?

Wrapping Up


Materials: colored pencils, construction paper (kit), glue or glue stick, Interactive Notebook, scissors
Give your child the "Multiplication Vocabulary" sheet, colored pencils, scissors, glue, and a piece of construction paper. She will do the following:
  1. cut out each box on the sheet,
  2. color the words (including the title),
  3. and glue the words, numbers, and images to the construction paper.
Her final product should show a multiplication sentence, with labels to show its parts and images (dots) to represent it. Ask her to lay everything out before she glues the pieces down so that you can check her work.

Once she has created a correct multiplication sentence (4×5=20), ask her to read it aloud as she points to the numbers and symbols ("four times five equals 20") and explain how she knows that it's correct. She may say that she counted by 5 or that she counted all of the dots in the boxes. Explain that the multiplication symbol is also called the "times symbol" or "times sign."

When she's finished gluing all of the boxes to the construction paper, she can store this paper in her Interactive Notebook.
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Learning Gates

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