Lesson 7: Animals in the Environment


Activity 1: What Are Endangered Species?

On the "What Are Endangered Species" page, your child will find pictures of endangered or threatened species. Ask him to label each animal and name the habitat where it can be found. Then he can record if the animal is a mammal, bird, insect, reptile, fish, or amphibian.

Answers: panda bear (bamboo forest, mammal), rhinoceros (grassland or forest, mammal), gorilla (rain forest, mammal), bald eagle (forest habitat near large bodies of water, bird), manatee (ocean habitat and estuaries, mammal), dolphin (ocean, mammal), elephant (savanna, mammal), whale (ocean, mammal), and sea turtle (ocean, reptile).
Student Activity Page

Activity 2: Why Are Animals Endangered?

Materials: crayons or colored pencils
Explain to your child the three reasons why animals become endangered or extinct:
  1. An animal is hunted in excess.
  2. A new species of animal is introduced into a habitat that either controls the food supply or eats the endangered animal.
  3. An animal's habitat is threatened. Some animals live in very few places on earth, and when the land in which they survive is developed by humans, the animals lose their homes.
Ask your child to create a poster or write a speech to raise awareness of endangered animals and what can be done to protect them. In the speech or poster he can make suggestions for things people should stop doing or should start doing to ensure our animals do not become endangered. Encourage him to share many examples of ways people can help. To look for more information about endangered species awareness let your child visit the following websites:
Web Link
Web Link