Lesson 5: Pollution


Activity 1: What Hurts the Earth?

Materials: crayons or colored pencils
Ask your child how he feels when something that is important to him is broken or spoiled by someone else. Explain that the Earth is a very important part of our lives and it should upset us when someone harms it. Ask your child if he can think of some examples of things people do to hurt the Earth.

On a separate piece of paper ask him to draw pictures illustrating three ways that people have hurt the earth. Ask him to write a sentence to describe each picture and how the earth is being damaged.

Activity 2: How Recycling Works

Have your child watch the following video, which provides an overview of the recycling process.
Web Link
Afterward, ask him the following questions:
  1. What does it mean when something "decomposes"? Can you name some trash that can decompose? (Decomposing is when something that was once alive breaks down or rots. Answers will vary but may include plants, wood, fruits or veggies, etc.)
  2. What does "recycling" mean? (Taking trash or waste and making it into something else.)
  3. Which recycling method did you find most interesting? Can you describe it? (Your child should outline the method described in the video for recycling metal, paper, or plastic. Refer to the video for details.)
Optionally, your child can play the game at the following web link.
Web Link

Activity 3: The Course of a Can

Materials: crayons or colored pencils, scissors
On the page, "The Course of a Can," your child will see two paths of an aluminum can. He will cut out the pictures and place them in boxes that describe what happens to the can. Then he will color the pictures that are part of the recycling process.
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