Lesson 3: People and the Environment

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • What causes change?
  • How do changes in the environment affect people and animals?

Facts and Definitions

  • An urban community is a large city.
  • A suburban community is a smaller town or area that is located right outside a larger community.
  • A rural community is a very small community that is not as near to a large city as a suburb.


  • Describe human movement in the settlement patterns of rural, urban, and suburban areas. (SS)
  • Compare information from different sources about places and regions. (SS)
  • Describe how weather patterns, natural resources, seasonal patterns, and natural hazards affect activities and settlement patterns. (SS)
  • Identify, predict, replicate, and create patterns using charts, graphs, and numbers. (S)
  • Observe, measure, and record changes in weather, the night sky, and seasons. (S)


  • crayons or colored pencils


Ask your child to describe some ways the environment changes. Tell your child that today he will explore how changes in the environment have affected people in the past as well as the present.