Lesson 6: Art and Poetry

Wrapping Up


Today you analyzed the idea of art as poetry and poetry as art. Art can include a variety of products. What is your favorite type of art: music, visual arts, drama, or writing?

Questions to Discuss

  • What is art? (music, visual arts, writing, and drama)
  • Can you describe the structure of a couplet? (It is a two-line stanza.)
  • Describe different types of stanzas. (Couplets and quatrains are possible answers. "Q is for Quatrain" in R is for Rhyme also listed additional stanza types.)

Things to Review

Review the idea that illustrations in poetry books can enhance the poem, but it is also great to read poetry books without illustrations so that you can create more of your own visual images.

Ask your child to write the name of a song and the name of a poem that she likes. Check to see that she capitalized the titles properly and enclosed them in quotation marks.