Lesson 1: What Is Poetry?

Wrapping Up


Reading and writing poetry can be a wonderful way to use language creatively. Poetry allows you to decide just what you want to write about and how you want the words to be structured. In this unit you will practice writing poetry and read some amazing poems. Review the poetry vocabulary words and poetry techniques listed in the "Things to Know" section. As you write your poems, try to apply these language techniques.

Life Application

Materials: journal
See if you recognize poetry outside of books, perhaps on billboards, in a newspaper, or in a movie. Anytime you read or hear a poem in a different context than a book, write it in your journal.

Questions to Discuss

  • Ask your child what he learned about poetry today. Discuss that poetry is a unique genre, much different from other literary genres.

Things to Review

Review the poetry vocabulary with your child.

Special Notes

Be sure that your child saves all of the poems he writes. He will need them for the final project. Take some time to read poetry aloud to your child at different points during the unit. After you read a poem, encourage him to describe, paraphrase, and explain the mood/tone of the poem.