Lesson 3: What Is A Civilization?


Activity 1: The Natural Resource of Weslandia

Ask your child to describe how Wesley used the new plants in his civilization. Discuss that the swist plant was the basis of Wesley's civilization. Give him the sheet, "The Natural Resource of Weslandia," and let him write and illustrate the different uses of the plant in the bubbles. Then ask him to number the bubbles from most to least important use of the swist plant.

Possible Answers:
food, clothing, suntan lotion, mosquito repellant, sun dial, games, flute, and ink

Activity 2: Using Natural Resources

Materials: colored pencils or markers
This is a creative problem-solving challenge for your child. Explain that Wesley was ingenious and industrious (discuss the meaning of both words) with his use of the swist plant. Give your child the sheet called "Using Natural Resources." Ask him to think about a way he can use a natural resource or a combination of natural resources to solve a problem for a practical purpose. Encourage him to brainstorm ideas, select his best or favorite idea, gather the materials, and demonstrate the purpose. On the bottom of the page, he can illustrate his idea.