Lesson 1: Relationships Among Organisms

Day 3

Activity 7: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Give your child the "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other" sheet. In the pictures of related animals, there is one animal that has a trait that is different. Explain to your child that the animals in each picture are brothers and sisters. Encourage him to circle the animal in each picture that is different and to describe to you how it is different.

When he finishes identifying the animal that is different, discuss that sometimes one offspring will get a trait that no other brother or sister receives. Explain that there can also be differences between the males and females of the same animal.

Activity 8: Design a Dog

Ask your child to draw his dream dog by picking from the genetic traits listed. Tell him to give his dog a name as well. You, another parent, and/or a sibling should draw his or her own dream dog, too.
  1. Small / medium / large — the dog's body
  2. Long fur / short fur — draw the length of the dog's coat
  3. Short tail / long tail — draw the dog's tail
  4. Short legs / long legs — draw the dog's legs and feet
  5. Pointy nose / flat nose — draw the dog's face
  6. Ears lie flat / ears stick up — draw the dog's ears
  7. Black / dark brown / light brown / white — add the color of the dog's coat
Ask your child to compare his dream dog with the parent or sibling's. What traits do they share? What traits are different? Ask, "If the two dogs became parents, what do you think the puppies would look like?"