Lesson 1: Relationships Among Organisms


Activity 1: Inheritance Vocabulary

Have your child watch the following videos and then complete the "Inheritance Vocabulary" page. If he cannot remember a definition for a word, help him find the word in the videos.
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Web Link

Activity 2: Parent and Offspring

Materials: scissors
Discuss with your child that some baby animals look very similar to their parents, while others look very different from their parents. Tell your child that another name for baby animals or humans is offspring. Give your child the "Parents and Offspring" page and have him cut the animals out and match the parent with the offspring.

Activity 3: Similar or Different

In the previous activity, your child matched the babies with their parent. For this activity your child will look at traits that the parents and offspring share. Explain to your child that a trait is an attribute or characteristic that is passed from parents to offspring, such as eye color or height. When a trait is passed down, we say that the offspring inherited that trait.

Have your child identify at least two traits shared by each pair of animals. Then have her explain one difference between each parent and offspring. Discuss that some offspring look very different from their parents and some look very similar.