Lesson 3: Missing Numbers


Activity 1: Missing Numbers

Materials: scissors
If your child needs more practice with locating numbers on a number grid, ask him to cut out the number grid pieces along the black lines on the sheet "A Puzzling Number Grid" and then assemble the pieces so that they create a complete number grid with the numbers in the correct order on the blank number grid provided.

Once your child has reassembled the number grid correctly, invite him to continue his practice at the following web link.
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Web Link
The next part of this activity offers two options. The first option is easier than the second one because the whole number grid is provided, giving your child more hints about the missing numbers. In the second option, those hints are removed because your child can see only part of the grid surrounding the missing numbers. You can skip the first option or ask your child to complete some of both options depending on his ability to identify missing numbers.

Pose the following questions once your child has completed this task.
  • How did you use patterns to figure out which numbers were missing?
  • What advice would you give to someone else who is trying to figure out missing numbers on a number grid? What steps should he or she follow? Challenge your child to create a list of steps for figuring out missing numbers on a number grid.

Option 1

Complete a number grid with several missing numbers on the "Missing Numbers" (Option 1) sheet.
Student Activity Page
"Missing Numbers" (Option 1) Answer Key

Option 2

Supply missing numbers on pieces of a number grid on the "Missing Numbers" (Option 2) sheet.
Student Activity Page
"Missing Numbers" (Option 2) Answer Key