Lesson 2: Subject-Verb Agreement


Materials: The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need by Susan Thurman, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need by Susan Thurman
For homework, you will cover the next set of commonly confused words. Do the following:
  1. Read about the next five groups of words on pp. 7-8 of the book (affect/effect, aggravate/annoy, aid/aide, all ready/already, all right/alright).
  2. Read the additional tips that follow.
  3. Record notes, examples, etc. in Set II of the second "Commonly Confused Words" activity page.
  4. Check your understanding by completing p. 14 in the workbook. Use a pencil to circle the correct answer and then use the answer key at the bottom of the page to check your work.
  5. If you missed any workbook exercises, go back and review the rules for that group of words.
Here are some additional tips for affect/effect:

affect/effect: Note that the book is incorrect about the pronunciation of "affect" — its accent is on the second syllable, not the first. The two words sound very similar. Here's a tip that may help you understand the difference between the two, though. Think of a haven, a safe place:

How to tell the difference:
Affect is a
Effect is a
Today students read about the next set of commonly confused words. Encourage students to add their own notes or examples and copy some of the helpful tips from the book and lesson onto the "Commonly Confused Words" activity pages. Recording notes helps reinforce the information and will make it easier for students to review.