Lesson 3: Communities Change

Day 2

Activity 4: Changes in Nature

Materials: glue, scissors
Read the story again, this time asking your child to focus on the animals and the land. Ask her what habitat the animals live in (forest). Show her the sheet called "Changes in Nature." In the top section, she can circle the animals that were found in the story. Then, she can cut out the pictures of nature scenes from the bottom half of the page and put them in order from past to present.

Activity 5: Living in a Different Time

Materials: colored pencils or markers
Ask your child if she would have wanted to live on the land with the Native-American boy, the pioneer girl, or Jenny. Ask her to explain her answer. Continue with the following questions:
  • How would life have been different in the past?
  • What would have been enjoyable about living in the past?
  • What would have been hard about living in the past?
Tell your child to pretend she can take a time machine to visit the pioneer girl or the Native-American boy. Ask her to draw herself during this time period. Look at the clothing people wore during the period (in books or on the Internet). Then ask her to draw two things that she would have used/owned during the time period.

Activity 6: Artifacts

Materials: The House on Maple Street by Bonnie Pryor, colored pencils or markers
Tell your child that artifacts are discovered objects that people used in the past. Often artifacts are found buried in the ground. Reread the book and ask your child to identify the artifacts (arrowhead and china cup). Look at the pictures in the book and search for other possible artifacts (ax, pot, beads, pan, and plate). On a separate sheet of paper, she can draw two or three artifacts from the illustrations. Remind her that artifacts are usually made of strong materials such as iron, steel, or glass. Soft materials like fabric will not last hundreds of years if left outside.

Note: To extend this activity, ask your child to think of something that she could bury for someone in the future to find. Explain to her that the object should show something about her or her family. If possible, let your child bury something somewhere around her home.

Activity 7: Handwriting

Materials: The House on Maple Street by Bonnie Pryor
Let your child write a sentence about The House on Maple Street.