Lesson 1: What Causes Change?


Activity 1: What Causes Change?

Materials: construction paper, glue, scissors
Before beginning this activity, cut out the cards from the "What Causes Change? sheet. Explain the idea of cause and effect. Explain that a cause is an action or something that makes something else happen. The thing that happens as a result of the cause is the effect. For example, if you push someone, he may fall down. The cause is the push, and the effect is that the person falls down. Change can occur in much the same way. Something usually happens to cause the change.

Let your child look closely at the pictures on the cards. Ask her to match the two cards that fit together and to decide what changed between the first and the second picture. She can glue the pairs on a sheet of construction paper. Explain to her that she can find changes by observing. Tell her that observing means to watch and study something very closely to learn more about it. Encourage your child to identify examples of cause and effect in her own home.

Activity 2: Fast or Slow Change

Materials: markers
Explain to your child that some changes happen very quickly while others happen over a long period of time. Look at the changes on the "Fast or Slow Change?" sheets. Let your child observe each change in the pictures. Then ask her to record an "F" for a fast change (if she thinks the change happened quickly) or "S" for a slow change (if she thinks the change happened slowly over a long time). She can write the words "fast" or "slow" if she is able. Ask her to think about and record a change that happens quickly and a change that happens slowly.

At the bottom of the second page, she can illustrate her own examples of a fast change and a slow change.

Activity 3: Write About a Change

Materials: crayons or colored pencils
On the "Write About a Change" sheet, ask your child to think of a change she has seen. Let her draw a picture of the item before it changed and then one of the item after it changed. Then let her complete the sentences at the bottom of the page. Provide assistance as needed. After your child has completed the paragraph, let her attempt to read it aloud.

Activity 4: Number Writing

On the first "Number Writing" page, your child can practice writing the numbers 0-6. On the second page, call out different two- and three-digit numbers and let her record them on the sheet. Call out only numbers containing the digits 0-6.