Lesson 6: Life on the Prairie

Day 2

Activity 3: Wildflower Field Guide

Materials: book about wildflowers*, brass brad, crayons or colored pencils, glue, scissors
Explain to your child that wildflowers grow in nature and are not planted or taken care of by people. Discuss the fact that wildflower seeds travel through the air and land on the dirt. These seeds become implanted in the soil naturally, without the help of a person. With the right kind of soil, rain, and sunlight, the seeds grow into beautiful wildflowers.
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Let your child pick five of the flowers mentioned to create a guidebook of wildflowers. On each page he can write the name of the wildflower and draw a colored illustration of the flower. Next he can record places where the flower grows and one other interesting fact about the flower. If your child is an advanced writer, encourage him to write in complete sentences. He can then cut the pages apart and attach them with a brass brad to create a book.

Activity 4: Making Flowers

Materials: cardstock paper, colored construction paper or tissue paper, crayons or colored pencils, glue, green pipe cleaners
After your child has finished his "Wildflower Field Guide," he can make examples of the wildflowers, using green pipe cleaners for stems and construction paper or tissue paper for the petals. Encourage him to make the flowers look authentic by following their actual color and petal pattern. To make the flowers 3-D, he can cut a circle from cardstock, color the circle the same color as the flower, and poke a hole in the center just large enough to insert the pipe cleaner through. Then he can tie off the pipe cleaner so that it will not slip through the hole. The petals can be glued on the round disc in the appropriate design.