Lesson 6: Life on the Prairie


Activity 1: Journal Entry

Materials: journal
Encourage your child to write a journal entry that describes Anna's thoughts on the day spent with Sarah.

Activity 2: A New Song

Discuss that music is a very important part of the book. At the beginning of the book the family is missing music and songs. When Sarah comes, their lives are filled with songs again.

Ask your child the following questions:
  • Why do people sing?
  • When do people sing?
  • How does music make people feel?
Explain to your child that a long time ago, people wrote songs with lyrics focused on daily life in the environment. The official Kansas state song is "Home on the Range." Teach your child the song. (The music and lyrics are on the page, "Home on the Range.") Tell him that this is also a song about the environment. Discuss the lyrics and how they reflect life on the prairie.

In this chapter Sarah teaches them a song that she sang in Maine — "Summer Is Icumen In." Ask your child to write a new song that Sarah might sing about her life on the prairie. Include details about farm life and the prairie.

Note: If your child plays an instrument, encourage him to use the instrument in his song.