Lesson 6: Geography and Weather

Day 2

Fill out your weather log each day as outlined in Lesson 1. This should be your 10th and final day.

Activity 4: Culture and Environment

Materials: On the Same Day in March by Marilyn Singer and Frane Lessac
Ask your child to analyze the pictures in On the Same Day in March, and to list the activities of the people in each geographical location. Ask him how the people's activities are influenced by the weather.

Next, give him the "Culture and Environment" sheets. Ask him to describe the weather conditions in each location listed on the chart, any activities he sees, and any animals and clothing found in the pictures. (He will not fill in every box.) Discuss that various animals are found in different climates, that people do activities based on the weather, and that people dress differently depending on the weather.

Activity 5: Where I Live

Materials: crayons, markers, or colored pencils
Give your child the sheet titled "Where I Live" and tell him he will use it to add his own page to the book. On the top he will write his town and state. Ask him to think about what the weather is like where he lives in March. Then ask him to draw a picture of the environment. The picture can include people, animals, plants, buildings, sky conditions, etc. The picture should show at least one activity. Then ask him to write a description of the weather and the activities he illustrated.
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