Lesson 7: Conflict

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How does the weather affect people, plants, and animals?

Facts and Definitions

  • Conflict refers to the main problem that the characters face in the story. Conflict can be between a character and another character, between the character and the environment, or between the character and himself or herself.


  • Connect and compare information within and across selections (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama) to personal experience and knowledge. (LA)
  • Explain and describe new concepts and information in own words (e.g., plot, setting, major events, characters, author's message, connections, topic, key vocabulary, key concepts, text features). (LA)
  • Draw and discuss visual images based on text description. (LA)
  • Produce a summary of a text. (LA)


  • Tornado by Betsy Byars, Doron Ben-Ami
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • journal


Tell your child that something happens in this chapter that makes Pete very upset. Let him guess what might happen that would make Pete upset.
Reading and Questions
Materials: Tornado by Betsy Byars, Doron Ben-Ami
Ask your child to read Chapter 6 and then ask him the following questions.
  1. Describe the saddest day of Pete's life.
    After going to town, Pete finds out who Tornado actually belongs to and has to give him back. Pete is carrying a bag of nails and drops them. He feels like they were nailing him into place.
  2. Have you ever had a sad day? What happened?
    Answers will vary.
  3. Do you think Pete's father should have told the man it was Pete's dog? Why or why not?
    Answers will vary.
  4. Was it right for Pete's father to give the dog to the girl?
    Answers will vary.
  5. How do you think the girl feels after she thinks the tornado took her dog?
    Answers will vary but might include sad, awful, worried, or anxious.
  6. What would you have done if you were Pete in this situation?
    Answers will vary.