Lesson 6: The Best Pet Award


Activity 1: Journal Entry

Materials: crayons or colored pencils, journal
Your child can write and illustrate her chapter summary in her journal.

Activity 2: Vocabulary Sentences

Materials: Tornado by Betsy Byars, Doron Ben-Ami, note cards, sentence strips
Ask your child to write each of the following vocabulary words on a note card. Then ask her to order the cards in alphabetical order. Look up and discuss the meaning of each vocabulary word.
  • mood (p.29)
  • pleasure (p.30)
  • damage (p.35)
  • admitted (p.40)
  • fond (p.40)
  • miserable (p. 42)
Put the sentences listed below on long sentence strips of paper (16" x 4"). Leave a blank for the vocabulary cards. Your child can read each sentence and place the note card with the correct word to fill in the blank.
  • I was in a bad _______ when we left the park.
  • The tornado did a lot of ________ to our house.
  • I take ________ in going to the beach.
  • I was very ________ of my new pet.
  • He ________ that he had told a lie.
  • The day was so hot it felt _________.

Activity 3: World's Best Pet Award

Materials: construction paper, glue, scissors
For this activity, your child will design an award badge for Tornado. Let her cut out the pattern provided on the "World's Best Pet Award" (Option 1 or 2) page and trace it onto construction paper. The ribbons can be cut from different colors of construction paper. In the circle of the badge she can write, "World's Best Pet: Tornado." On each ribbon she can write different reasons that Tornado is a good pet and then glue the ribbons on the badge. Choose Option 1 or 2.

Option 1

For this option, your child will use the pattern on the "World's Best Pet Award" (Option 1) page.

Once your child has cut out her ribbons, write the following sentence starters on each ribbon for your child to complete. (They are also listed on the pattern).
  • Tornado is the smartest dog because ______________________________
  • Tornado is the funniest dog because ___________________________
  • Tornado is the nicest dog because _________________
  • Tornado is the _____________ dog because _________________________

Option 2 (Advanced)

For this option, your child will use the "World's Best Pet Award" (Option 2) page. These ribbons do not have sentence starters. Encourage your child to go beyond "he is nice or friendly" to give specific examples from the story — for example, "He is fun because he likes to run with Pete," or "He is smart because he can play card tricks."