Lesson 5: Turtles

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How do people use stories to explain their environments?
  • How are living things designed to live and grow in their environment?

Facts and Definitions

  • A myth is a traditional story that can explain natural events.


  • Compare language and oral traditions from different cultures. (LA)
  • Read classic and contemporary works. (LA)
  • Produce a summary of a text. (LA)


  • How the Turtle Got Its Shell by Justine Fontes, Ron Fontes, and Keiko Motoyama
  • Tornado by Betsy Byars, Doron Ben-Ami
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • egg carton
  • glue
  • green construction paper
  • green or brown tissue paper
  • journal
  • paper bowl


Tell your child that in this chapter, Tornado has a meeting with a turtle. Ask your child what he knows about turtles and their habitats.