Lesson 8: Relationships Among the States


Activity 1: Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Take a trip to the grocery store and record examples of every product you find in the grocery store that has a state in its name. You will be amazed by how many states are represented in your own grocery store. Hint: you will find many examples in the produce section.
Arrange a time to take your child to the grocery store on a scavenger hunt to look for products with a state in their name, such as Florida oranges, Washington apples, Massachusetts lobster, California sushi, and Texas barbeque.

Activity 2: We're All Americans

Materials: construction paper*, glue*, magazines or catalogs*, scissors*
All Americans are connected through the traditions we share, regardless of the region in which we live. American symbols and holidays represent the values that make us Americans. Select one of the following options for this activity.
There are two options for this activity. Let your child choose the one she wants to complete or help her choose an activity. In Option 1, she will summarize the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. In Option 2, she will create a collage representing America.

Option 1: The Pledge of Allegiance

Read the Pledge of Allegiance (on the page of the same name) and think about the words. Summarize each line so that a younger child could understand it.
Student Activity Page
If your child selects this option, she will interpret the Pledge of Allegiance so that a young child can easily understand it. Let her share her ideas with you when she finishes.

Option 2: American Symbols and Holidays

Look over the "American Symbols and Holidays" page. These items symbolize the spirit of America — pride, freedom, and liberty. Create a collage that represents America and shows the unique relationship among all Americans. You can use clip-art from the computer, pictures from magazines or catalogs, and some of your own images.
Student Activity Page
If your child selects this option, she will create a collage that reflects American culture. Encourage her to share her collage and the meaning behind the images she included.

Activity 3: Comparing Regions

Find some similarities and differences among the regions of our country. Select three regions and create a three-ring Venn diagram to compare them. Where the circles overlap, include at least two similarities. In the individual circles, include at least three things that make each region unique.
Check your child's Venn diagram to see if the information she recorded is accurate.