Lesson 7: Alaska and Hawaii


Activity 1: About Alaska and About Hawaii

Materials: Smart About the Fifty States: A Class Report by Jon Buller
Since Hawaii and Alaska are such different states, complete sheets for both states ("About Hawaii" and "About Alaska") that include the following information:
  • State (List the name.)
  • Climate (Describe the overall climate of the state and how it changes with the seasons.)
  • Natural resources (List and/or illustrate at least five natural resources found in the state.)
  • Important landforms and bodies of water (Describe important landform(s) and bodies of water in the state. Include at least one landform and one body of water.)
  • Culture (Describe the people and their way of life. What unique traditions do they have? How are they recognized by the rest of the country?)
  • Wildlife (Illustrate and label at least two plants and two animals found in the state.)
  • Famous person (Describe a famous person from the state and what the person has accomplished.)
  • Jobs (List two important industries in the state.)
To find more information about Alaska and hawaii, use the following websites or an encyclopedia.
Web Link
Web Link
Web Link
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Look over the information your child recorded about Alaska and Hawaii.

Activity 2: Hawaiian Luau

Hawaii has a unique culture that is different from any in the continental United States. Hawaii is made up of many little islands, each with its own name. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and some amazing volcanoes. Vacationers from all over the world visit the state of Hawaii. On the "Hawaiian Luau" page read about a special Hawaiian tradition and answer the questions.
Student Activity Page
Answer Key
  1. They last only for an evening, not three or four days. In the past, a luau was held to commemorate a special event, but now they are done primarily for tourists.
  2. Guests enjoy cultural foods, dances, music, and costumes.
  3. Answers will vary.
  4. Answers will vary.

Activity 3: Alaska

Materials: construction paper*, crayons, markers, or colored pencils*
Choose one of the following options to complete.
Your child will choose one of the following options to complete.

Option 1: Alaskan Summer Scene

Many people think of Alaska as a cold and dreary place, but the state comes to life in the summer months. Alaska is famous for its amazing wildlife, and every year thousands of tourists take cruises to Alaska to enjoy its enchanting beauty.

Add five native Alaskan animals to the "Alaskan Summer Scene" sheet. Try to draw the animals accurately, with as much detail as possible. Include at least one mammal, one bird, and one insect in your drawing. Color the picture after you complete your drawings.
Student Activity Page
This activity encourages children to illustrate examples of some of the amazing wildlife that tourists in Alaska may observe in the summer. Check over your child's illustrations.

Option 2: Food Chains

Cut strips of different colors of construction paper. Create two food chains that could be found in the forests of Alaska. Record the names of the food chain members on the strips of paper and link them together. Both chains should have at least three links. Remember to begin each chain with a producer.
Check the food chains your child created and determine if the organisms involved are correct and in the correct order.