Lesson 5: The Southwest

Wrapping Up


Life Application

Many Americans enjoy foods of the Southwest, sometimes called Tex-Mex. Visit a Tex-Mex restaurant, and enjoy the salsa and chips!

Questions to Discuss

  • (If you don't live in the Southwest) What would you enjoy about the Southwest?
  • (If you do live in the Southwest) What do you enjoy about living in the Southwest?
  • How does the Southwest compare to the Northeast? Which region do you think would be a better place to live? Why?
  • How would you describe the culture of the Southwest?

Things to Review

Review the facts about the Southwest listed in the "Things to Know" section found at the beginning of the overview.

Life Application

If possible, take your child for a special dining experience at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Discuss the fact that Tex-Mex food has spread to other regions of the United States.